Ayurveda stands for a traditional Indian healing art and literally means "wisdom of life".

Ayurveda sees health in a context of mind, body and universe.

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing art that literally means "wisdom of life", views health as a harmonious balance of mind, body and universe. At our dream villa in Sri Lanka, we invite you to experience this holistic philosophy of life and benefit from its healing powers.


During an Ayurveda treatment, the body is cleansed and strengthened both externally and internally. Our experienced therapists work to restore the balance between you and the universe in order to activate your self-healing powers and detoxify your body. The cure is not only relaxing and beneficial, but also a targeted measure to reduce stress and maintain health.


Our Ayurveda area offers a wide range of facilities, including a doctor's room, four therapy rooms with massage beds, an Ayurvedic steam sauna, an inhalation bed, a flower bath and a covered area for yoga and meditation. Here you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace and relaxation and concentrate fully on your regeneration.


Our experienced Ayurveda doctors are available to customise Ayurveda packages or wellness packages to suit your personal needs and goals. Every guest is treated with the utmost respect and we are proud to uphold the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic practices at our Ayurveda centre.


It is important for us to mention that Ayurveda favours a natural room temperature, as air conditioning can be considered counterproductive. We therefore offer our rooms without air conditioning as standard. However, if you prefer to use air conditioning, you can discuss this with our Ayurvedic doctor, at an additional charge of €5 per day.


Here are some popular massage techniques and treatments we offer at our Ayurveda centre:


  • **Back massage:** A relaxing massage that works specifically on the muscles and tension in the back area to relieve stress and promote circulation.
  • ** Foot massage:** A soothing massage that works on the foot reflex zones and not only relaxes the feet, but also harmonises the whole body and promotes general well-being.
  • **Facial massage:** A gentle massage designed to relieve tension in the face, improve circulation and promote radiant skin. It also helps to relax and can relieve headaches.
  • **Hand massage:** A soothing massage that relieves tension in the hands and arms, improves circulation and increases mobility in the wrists. It offers pleasant relaxation and is ideal after a long day or for tension caused by working at a computer.
  • **Neck and shoulder massage:** Targeted massage of the frequently strained neck and shoulder muscles to relieve tension, ease pain and improve mobility. It also helps to reduce stress and promote better posture.
  • **Abhyanga massage:** A full body massage with warm oil to relax and revitalise.
  • **Pinda Sveda:** A herbal stamp massage that helps to relieve muscle pain and tension.
  • **Udvartana:** A dry massage with special powders that detoxifies and tones the skin.
  • **Nasya:** A nasal cleansing therapy that purifies the respiratory tract and helps to relieve headaches.
  • **Kati Basti:** A localised oil treatment in the lumbar spine area that helps to relieve pain and relaxation.
  • **Greeva Basti:** A localised oil treatment in the neck area that helps to relieve neck stiffness and headaches.

All massages and treatments can also be booked individually. So you can enjoy a variety of wellness experiences and immerse yourself in the world of Ayurveda.

Experience our holistic "All Inclusive" Ayurveda treatment package, which is specially tailored to your needs and offers you comprehensive regeneration of body, mind and soul.


The package includes a thorough initial consultation during which your personalised treatment and nutrition plan is drawn up. Our experienced Ayurvedic doctors will conduct regular check-ups during your stay to ensure your needs are being optimally met, concluding with a final check-up to assess your progress and make recommendations for the post-cure period.


Enjoy a variety of Ayurvedic treatments daily, including various massages customised to your body's needs. Immerse yourself in revitalising flower and steam baths that not only pamper your skin but also promote deep relaxation.


As part of your holistic programme, we offer yoga and meditation five times a week. These take place both indoors in the tranquil ambience of our Ayurveda area and outdoors in our lush garden. On request, we can also organise yoga and meditation sessions on the beach so that you can enjoy the healing power of nature to the full.


We cater for your physical well-being with a rich Ayurveda full board that includes carefully selected dishes prepared according to the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition. Your meal is accompanied by refreshing herbal teas and natural water to support your inner cleansing and renewal.


Discover the deep regeneration and holistic healing that our "All Inclusive" Ayurveda treatment offers and return to your everyday life with a sense of balance and vitality.